Sunday, June 26, 2011


i am so bad with this!!!! well, i'll try to start updating some.
Meet Ethan and Holly!
i like the way this one happened... it's got a little bit of an artsy feel.
the lighting and background in this one WORKS for me! :)
Ethan nearly always carries reflective sunglasses around. I decided to put them to good use, and asked these two to cozy up to them! they were such troopers, humoring my every whim all morning!
and then..... the sun came out. Gloriously!!
the great thing about knowing your clients... this is SO ethan and holly.
LOVE the way these water pictures turned out. They were freezing, but you can't tell, can ya?
in fact, things got a little steamy. ;)
great shoot. thanks guys!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


here you go! here's some of my past stuff:

more, inevitably, to come.